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St Petersburg Florida Beaches

May 25, 2017 / 0 Comments / 216 / St Petersburg

This is part two of the St Petersburg Florida beaches review. The beaches in St Petersburg will spoil you. The vast number of activities, the distinctive natural beauty, the nature trails, fishing, boating, and even paved trails make the area even more splendid.

Spa Beach and North Shore Beaches are located downtown on 2nd Ave NE and Tampa Bay. Yes, if you are wondering, the beaches are right smack in downtown. These two beaches are part of the city’s breathtakingly beautiful waterfront.

Choose between Spa Beach and North Shore Beach for the area’s beautiful white sand along Tampa Bay’s shoreline. Spa Beach sits on St. Petersburg Pier.

Visitors love to come to play on the water, renting jet skis, paddleboats, and watercraft of another nature. Or, come every year for one of the events or festivals, such as the St. Anthony’s Triathlon.

The local North Shore Beach is another draw with ts playground, swimming pool (open all year), tennis, and the palm arboretum. While there, enjoy a cookout or hang out with friends and family.

Egmont Key is a special place, as a state preservation sight. It is actually an island not far from the coast of St. Petersburg.

Take a boat from St. Petersburg to this island from one of 9 boat slips. It’s a great place to go explore and to discover stunning beauty with the views of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans the Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, the island offers up an incredible view of the 87-foot-tall lighthouse. It sits on a sizable 440 acre wildlife refuge. Most people take advantage of the island to enjoy the seemingly endless miles of beach.

There is a draw for history buffs alike, who can get up close and personal with many remains from the Spanish American War. It’s what Fort Dade offers up to visitors.

Looking beyond these beaches, are an impressive display of cultural events, including museums, music, and galleries. Look to St. Petersburg for big-name shopping or for the boutique experience as well.

There is plenty to do as the local sports teams are worth the trip to visit. Watch national sports live.

In addition, take to the many nature trails, miles upon miles of beaches, and watch the sun set or rise above the Sunshine Skyway Bridgt. That’s what many people live for, and it is easy to see why.

The Benefits Of Booking A Vacation To St. Petersburg Florida

May 25, 2017 / 0 Comments / 223 / Booking A Vacation

There are typically three reasons that people decide to book a vacation to Florida. It has to do with the weather which is almost always warm. It has access to a substantial amount of water. And finally, there are activities in this state that cannot be found anywhere else. If you think about people that travel from all over the world to come to Disney World, they do so because it is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. It’s not just the Disney parks, but all of the other ones that work together to create one of the most exciting places for children. However, if you are traveling to St. Petersburg, let’s look at some of the benefits of spending some time in this coastal city which many people enjoy.

Water-Based Activities You Will Love

There are three types of activities that you can do on the water when you get to St. Petersburg. First of all, you can get into speedboats that are going to take you at breakneck speeds all across Tampa Bay. Second, you can do the activities where you are out on the water, but it’s a more relaxing atmosphere. You could be simply touring around, or you could do a little bit of fishing, as well as snorkeling, from these luxury vessels. Finally, you can take cruises that will take you out onto the Gulf of Mexico where you can see sunsets like you have never seen before. For all of these reasons, this is a popular destination because of how many water-based activities there are.

How Do You Get Discounts On A Trip There?

One of the benefits of booking a trip for a vacation in St. Petersburg as you can get really good deals. Package deals are very common, regardless of the travel website that you are using in order to book your vacation. If you haven’t booked a package deal before, you should know that it’s going to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can get your flight and hotel, plus a good rental car, all for the price of what it would typically cost for just your flight alone. Plus, you can also see excellent discounts on the many attractions that are there. It’s a great way to save money.

Start booking your trip right away so that you can find out why so many people recommend St. Petersburg is a primary vacation destination. It may not have all the glitz and glamour of Orlando, but you are by the water, and you are going to see some amazing sites all throughout the city.

The Beaches Of St Petersburg Florida

May 14, 2017 / 0 Comments / 247 / Beaches in Florida

St Petersburg Florida is one city that has so much to offer it’s almost overlooked that it sits along some of the most beautiful beaches, bay side and along the coast.

Today, we are exploring the natural gems that make Florida so attractive — the coastal areas and waterfront of St Petersburg.

Let’s start with Ft. DeSoto Beach. It’s located at the southernmost tip of St. Petersburg and is often called the best beach in the whole nation. Poeple love to tour the 5 interconnected islands that make up Ft DeSoto, which sits on 900 acres. Enjoy camping throughout the year, many miles of nature trails and even paved trails.

Though, for the outdoor enthusiast a nice trip along 2.25 miles of the canoe trails from the 800-foot boat launch or fishing are among their favorite water-related past times.

There are areas to host little get togethers from the public picnic areas, complete with grill and covered pavilions. Most of all, they love to come early or stick around until sunset and moonrise with a view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Treasure Island is quintessential old Florida, and is a municipal beach of St. Petersburg. It shares the shore with Gulf of Mexico community, Treasure Island, with 500 ft of white sand-lined shores. Enjoy a snack bar and beach volleyball and restroom and showers.

The city operates the parking lot, which is actually accessible every hour of every day. Parking is either by the hour or sold in 12-hour segments through onsite parking meters for $2/hour or just $6/12 hours.

Keep in mind, if you are coming to camp, you cannot park RVs or buses in these lots. You can probably find out more about the campground parking situation.

Maximo Beach & Park is at Pinellas Pt Dr S and 34th St. It has a wonderful nature boardwalk and 3 boat ramps along with 2 playgrounds that hug the beach.

Enjoy miles upon miles of nature trails and bike trails. There’s even an old-growth 70-acre archaeological site. Look on at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and the Gulf of Mexico for a panoramic view that’s priceless.

Those are just a couple of the beaches that are available for St. Petersburg residents and area visitors. There’s plenty of beauty. Take it in from the many miles of nature trails or from the paved fitness trails, depending on what you prefer.

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